Managing Your Site's Settings


It is important to make sure your site's settings are accurate, and the proper information is provided for your website.  You can access your site's settings by either the menu on the left of the admin page or by the button located at the top right of the page.

The administration panel includes six tabs that you should check to make sure your information in correct in your site.

  • General
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media
  • Users
  • Domains
  • Admin
  • 301 Redirects

Note: Make sure that any time you modify your the settings of your site that you scroll to the bottom of that section and click either the "Save Settings" or "Cancel Changes" buttons.


The general settings tab allows you to modify your site's Title, a Tag Line, a description of your site, upload your site's logo, include a favicon, tells you how much storage your site is currently using, and how many pages you have available to create with your current payment plan.

TITLE: Your site's title will be the title you want to have for your website.  This will also appear in text as the default title found in the header of your website if you have not yet uploaded a logo.

TAG LINE: The tag line is a phrase or simple statement that you want to say about your site.  For example, SquareHook's tag line is: "Your website made easy!"

DESCRIPTION: The description of your site consists of a few sentences that share the purpose of your website.  You should describe the reason you have created your website.

LOGO: You can upload a logo for your website under the general settings tab in the admin section of our tool.  You simply upload your logo by clicking on the cloud icon and this will be saved on the site and displayed in the header or where the site title would go on your site.

FAVICON: A favicon is a small version of your logo or a symbol that will appear in the address bar of your web browser. This will help with identity and branding of your website.

STORAGE: This tells you how much storage is being used by your website.

PAGES: This tells you how many pages that are being used and that are available to you with the current payment plan you have set up.

Contact Information

Your contact information will be used for the visitors of your site to contact you.  Make sure to fill this out properly, as the information will appear in either the header or footer of your site as how you have provided it.  You should Include an email address that you check often, to receive incoming messages or submitted forms from your site's visitors.  Also include a current phone number and address where people can reach you.

Social Media

Here you can integrate you social media links to further connect you to your site visitors.  You can add your:

  • Google Analytics account
  • Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • Facebook account
  • Linkedin account
  • Tumblr account


Depending on your SquareHook tool subscription, you can add additional users to your website.  They can also edit and manage your content.


Domains allow you to have a website with a unique name that hides the domain from your website visitors.  For example, your default domain is: // You could point your own domain to your site and have your users go to // directly. SquareHook subscribers can add as many domains as they'd like.


The Admin tab allows you to export your site as an HTML document to save and keep as a backup in case anything should happen to your website or account.

Changing Your Settings Videos

Check out a walk-through video of how to change the settings to your site.

(if you're having trouble viewing this video, adjust the size to 720pHD by selecting the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video)