Editing your Store Settings

Select the Store Settings button to get setup to receive payments.

Adding Merchant Services

You can choose from Authorize.net, Stripe to process your transactions.  We also offer the ability for users to register with Merchant Services directly on our website.


Select the Activate button when you have filled out the proper information.

Setting up Authorize.net

To setup with Authorize.net, select the Authorize.net button.


A box will dropdown for you to populate your information:


Adding Stripe

To setup with Stripe, select the Stripe button.


A box will popdown that has a link will redirect you to setup your information with Stripe:


Select the Connect with Stripe button to be redirected.

Adding Store Address

To update the store address information, fill out your address information.  Be sure to hit SAVE.

Adding Policies on Privacy

To Add Policies you can add them under the store settings.  When you are done, be sure to hit Save Changes.

Adding a Product Types

You can add Product Types under this section.  Type in the product you’d like to include, and select the Add button.